Get to know Meniscus, Knee Cartilage that is Vulnerable to Injury

Meniscus is cartilage found in the knee. This cartilage itself functions as a cushion and helps stabilize the knee joint. Meniscus can be injured or torn during heavy activities such as sports. Check out the various conditions that can cause meniscus tears and how to overcome them below. The meniscus is a crescent-shaped cushion or small C that is attached between the femur and shin. In addition to maintaining body balance, the presence of the meniscus makes both the femur and shin not rub against each other when there is movement in the knee joint. The meniscus also helps distribute nutrients into the tissues and cartilage around the femur and shin. Causes of Tear Meniscus Injured or torn meniscus is called meniscus tear. Among sports lovers, meniscus injuries are often referred to as knee injuries. Meniscus tears occur due to movements that force the knee to rotate when the feet are firmly grounded, for example sudden circular movements when playing football, futsal, badminton,
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